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NLP Master Practitioner

Once you have successfully completed the NLP Practitioner Training and experienced incredible change to both your personal and professional life you will likely be wondering what is the next step on your journey of development. The answer is mastery, the ability to reach unconscious competence with that which you already know and to dig deeper into more advanced NLP strategies, techniques and tools. 

The NLP Master Practitioner allows you to transition from understanding the basic concepts and practice of NLP to using it as a set of skills that will increase your ability to deliver consistent excellence within you life.  

The course offers the opportunity to spend time with other highly motivated and competent practitioners as you join together on your quest to mastery. Some of them you may already know from your own NLP Practitioner Training. 

We pride ourselves on balancing outstanding quality, exceptional support and a level of affordability you simply will not find anywhere else.

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  • 100% attendee satisfaction
  • 65 page workbook
  • Trained by the one and only Stephen Doran 
  • Certificate issued by The Institute of Psychological Qualification and Assessment
  • Life will never be the same again
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